Affirmation for My Being

Monday, December 31st, 2007 @ 3:48 pm | Earth Changes

This affirmation I use in meditation and carry with me throughout my various tasks that come to my attention.

I offer this affirmation to you!

“As a Wise Instrument for the Divine, I set Myself Free of Soul’s Karma.”

 “I walk a Continuous Journey as a Mulitidimensional Human LifeStream Through Veils of Frequencies.”

“With Integrity, I stand in the Cosmic Christ Light In Alignment with Divine Will, I relate untettered to 3rd Dimensional Illusions.”

“I Know Whatever serves the Larger Vision, Also serves me.”

“I am relieved of commitments, relinquished of formality and removed from the proprieties of the 3rd Dimensional Theater.”

“I am dedicated to Holding Harmony of My Soul’s Frequency while listening for Inner Promptings of a Genuine Energetic Heart.”

“I Understand that All Things are Possible, and from that Knowledge Springs My Innate Magicianship.”

“In Humility, my Clear Presence Magnifies to include all Abilities that appear Magical to Limited Consciousness.”

 “I Am Complete.”

“I Create a Path toward a Divine Wholeness of Self.

“Teaching and Being a Living Love and Joy.”

“All Myselves Dance Around the Center of My Being, In Alignment with Cosmic Christ Consciousness.”

“I Stand in Unmarred Correspondance with the Original Condition of Christ Light, Flowing in Abundance.”

In All Ways I Am Abundant,

I Am Always Abundant,

I Am Abundant, Always

2 Responses to “Affirmation for My Being”

  1. Jouni Sakari Says:

    Oh.. so good words.. thank you for sharing this..
    Jouni Sakari

  2. Kassahun Mammo Says:

    Dear sir,
    I am enthusiastically need to know about multidimentional knowladge and my real self identity. Moreover, I tried to search my surrounding including the universe to be enlightened, but interns of this technicality I do have no one to help me in this regard. If there is any possibility to assist me through email communication, I would be very happy.
    Because such a wisdom is not possible to get simply like academicals or professional knowledge
    So please help me to take the first kick off
    K Mammo

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