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Going It Alone, Is Accessing Our Mulitdimensional Self (es)

Jan 25, 2014 in Earth Changes

Dream involved me searching for mysteries and obscure things. I have no idea of what I was seeking. 

The events began with my being placed in a work setting. I was given a very little desk and straight back wooden chair as my work space. The room was cavernous and stark without accessories or complimentary working tools.  I told them that this won’t do and the desk  (3D informational sources) as way to small and none of this setting would work for me.  I said ” this is way to small, I’m bigger than this“. My work is beyond the scope of desk and office cube.

We have moved beyond the workplace classroom. We are better served by accessing Morphic Field or as some of us have learned being within the Void.  This is an electromagnetic informational field of vibration that reflects human consciousness

 The next episode provided a setting by a large body of water i. e. a bay or channel by one of the great lakes body of water with large hills n’ mountains in the backgroung. I took off walking and found myself taking a difficult climb through the rough terrain. I found myself, climbing the steep pyramid shaped wooden temple.  Seemingly clinging to the traditional and old methods of knowledge.  I could recognize that I was seeking something by looking into small doors and crevices.  This was exceedingly tiring. I became exhausted and weary but I continued to press onward. I learned that a large crowd of people were coming to this site. I previously climbed the right side of the ornate pyramid temple and then learned the crowd coming on the right side of the temple. I decided to climb the ornate pyramid temple on the left side, an unusual approach.  (Each human being has a right and left hemisphere in the brain, which we classify as male and female, the right being female, left being male.) Near the top of the ornate pyramid temple I found that my attention was to find a place to seek refuge  to be alone; not join them nor have them join me. I was to be alone. I located a ledge on which I cross the front of the temple’s exterior. I navigated the ledge by ‘hand over hand’ movement negotiating my climb with intermittent investigation into places of spaces where I could escape. Some could not accommodate my size and I had to move onward. Finally I found a space with a small door where I could squeeze through and found this to be nearly by the side of the temple where the crowd was approaching.  As I shut the door to my place of escape I  noticed small holes in the door through which I could look. Persons eye were transfixed on my eyes without them knowing that the were looking at me. Our multidimensional selves do peer at us and have you noticed in you meditation that faces with conversations do look upon us.

This a difficult and very weary journey being in silence and seeking to do it alone. Meditation through quantum breathing process allows for us to enter the Void  and accessing the morphic resonance.

Informational engery field of which we attract is created by our intention and attention. We do choose that which we become conscious and is manifested accordingly from our intention and free will.