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Cosmic Finger Print

May 13, 2009 in Multidimensional

I recently was introduced to a film “Transmuteo”.   This film can be ordered from Jean-Luc Bozzoli’s  website  It is a 30 minute animated film of visual graphics by a visionary artist, Jean-Luc.  He was so very kind to send a copy and requested my feedback.   Since the film is visual experience of multidimensional  being, I would like to share my feedback with the readers of this blog. 

“The bold graphics moving and swirling around was dizzying at first, and after a while I became used to the movement.  It was a bit disconcerting, because I was attempting to make sense of it.  Trying to watch it with my rational and logical mind.  Watching the film with my rational mind doesn’t work, and as you suggested in the beginning of the film script, to view it from our heart.

I think therein lies my conunfrum.  I can’t keep up with my own transmutation and transformation.  It is moving very fast even as I am placed within this body of mine.  I can’t make sense of it…..moving, changing, transforming, transmuting is a process of my heart.  I feel my changes, I know of my changes, and I experience my changes, but I can’t tell you about my changes.

They just exist!

As with your film, the enveloping, evolving and transmuting exists at a pace which is beyond this dimension.  3D has slowed our frequency vibration to a snails pace, which is probably why we created snails and turtles ( something slower than us).  Do you think?

So, presenting images of metamorphosing movements which are representing my process, challenges me to close my mind and open to my heart’s understanding and acceptance.

Your film allows me to reach for something beyond my grasp.  It provides me with an experience outside of the traditional platitudes.

These images, could be visuals of me and possibly be reflected in my resume.  I use resume, since in 3 D I transcribe my accoumplishments in chronological order.

As a multideimensional being I am without sequence.  I would like to have a cosmic finger print of mine, expressed as you have of yours.  Perhaps, our cosmic finger prints won’t be extraordinay.   Someday, soon, we will be able to frequently access them to show others about who we are.

Could it be that this film is your cosmic finger print? 

Well done!

Readers and Blogers check out Jean-Lus’s website and experience the trailer which has been provided.

My best