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Themes of New Beginnings

Jan 30, 2008 in New Beginnings

For a very long time I have had similar themes in my night time dreams. Ideas and messages have been surfacing for my attention. I have learned that the messages for myself and direction is within myself. I only have to ask. One of my ways for self-learning is to ‘seek a knowing’ from my dreamtime. In preparation for night time dreams I establish an intention, in effect setting the stage for my dreamtime experience. Prior to falling asleep I voice or write an intention around the type of experience that would bring understanding about my ‘work’ or topic of which to seek information. Most usually my dream activities are set in metaphor. Upon awakening, I observe my feelings in the drama process, the drama setting of the dreamtime, actions taken by my character, persons in the dream, scenarios and the path or trek of my character.

During the past year, many of my inquires have had similar themes. It seems like dreamtime provided similar scenarios around the similar drama. I seemed to be moving. Looking for a place to live, sometimes with others and on an occasion I was moving alone. The country side was lush with green foliage, gentle sloping hills, with rivers, creeks and lakes abound. Roadways and paths surrounded the water. I was presented with an Idyllic Setting. There was a portrayal of nature at its fullest and most abundant. Repeatedly within this idyllic settings, I would arrive at a living quarters which was run down and dilapidated whether it was a cottage, house or apartment. There would be a porch or balcony overlooking a beautiful setting of forest and water. Most generally the interior and exterior were well worn, needing repair, cleaning, paint and attention. Windows and doorways were shuttered and covered in years of inattention.

Most generally the dwellings were dull in appearance and lacked light. I would remember my dreams depicting unkemptness in the surroundings. Upon entering the dwelling, I found its floors, walls and built-in accessories dark and dank. I reminded myself that the dreary and dark could be cleared and cleaned. I could work to bring it to a lighter effect. Sizing up the dwelling, all of my belongings would fit in to this space, seemingly my furniture would fit. I could make the space convenient for my use. In some of my dreams, I would experience reservations about my ability to carry out all of the clearing and cleansing to bring the dwelling into its original condition. On several occasions I was reminded that the restoration would happen all at once. That I would move into the dwelling and restore it to its former grandeur in this Idyllic Place.

In some of the dreamtime scenarios, the outside environment had large spacious mansions high on hill tops surrounding the dwelling that I was led to discover. The mansions seems to not fit into the scheme of things, they were large, ornate and expansive mansions. They seemed to be on an ethereal plane, shown in pink light, highlighted by a dusting of clouds in purple, violet and lavender.

It has come to be that I am restoring and remodeling something of an old worn structure.

It is Me!

The structure is my physical, mental and emotional being. In the last months of 2007, much has been written regarding the advent of New Beginnings in 2008. In the past year, my many dreamtime scenarios have pointed the direction of my work, to focus upon creating a New Life Style, a New Habitation, A New Framework Structure which is useable and accommodating to the incoming Energy and Light. For many years I have been working with clearing, cleansing of my physical, emotional and mental bodies so as they would be able to accommodate the Cosmic Christ Light which will be implementing the Great Shift.

It appears to be that this New Beginning is now.

My dream speak for the past year enlightened me to my task. My task is to walk from the old structures into the new bright restoration. The ethereal mansions are available to assist and help me. My observation of them as models, Models of Grandeur, models which hold the Cosmic Light with consistency and coherence. They are my support. Models of Being in the Light, resonate with me to become a blueprint of my restoration. I continue to seek the dreamtime scenarios and continue to learn from the revelation of the blueprint. This is my journey as a multidimensional being traveling through veils of frequencies.

Arriving at ‘knowing’ that something to be true and real for myself usually takes careful observation of what is going on around me. This process includes establishing intention and recognizing the coincidences and synchronicities. How do I explain or provide a detailed descriptive about ‘knowing’ ? Having the faculty to ‘just know’ the efficacy of something, opens doors for my curiosity. Exploring trails of ideas; embracing new concepts; wrapping myself in its behavior in order to experience the impact of causes effect; and establishing intention to receive verification from within myself. I have heard, we are in a time of great shifting of consciousness.

I have experienced the beginnings of the great shift in consciousness. There are no road maps or compasses to lead us on this journey but for ourselves. Since we are eternally connected with each other in the Quantum Multiverse of Life, we hold together a composition for all physical reality. Experiencing parallel universes I have access to the ‘neighboring’ life forms. I have learned there is one realty. I, within my self and within my silence, can learn to access parallel life streams. Through coherence and consistency, I am able to implement my role in creating the Idyllic Setting of Grandeur in co-creation with my other selves.