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Process of Self Discovery

Nov 04, 2007 in Multidimensional

Meditation in my quiet space stimulates me to search for the substance of who I am.  I began with what I know.  All of which is from decades of learning and searching.  It has come to my attention to record and experience information regarding the subtle energy body system.  As in my chakra energy system whereby I use this avenue of understanding to create my chakra affirmation.  Spending considerable amount of my mediation within my chakra’s subtle bodies, I recognize that I can create a vision of understanding of my body’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual alignment with vision and movement.  We live in a sea of sound, vibration and images. All of which comprises movements which envelops, consumes and engages our bodies  to strive and thrist for health and wellbeing.Through our intention and choice, we create awareness to be in harmony and synchronization within ourselves, which allows opportunity to see beyond this dimension.

 Visioning movements of swirling geometric shapes, colors and sounds prompts me to see the possbilities.

Affirmations of our words rest upon a foundation of thought and generate feelings.  We can feel our experience in other dimensions. This becomes viseral and not cognitive. Our experience maybe understood as pulsating rhythms that blend in harmony, symbotic, systematical, interchangeable colors, sounds and shapes.  Various thoughts, feelings, physicial expressions create their unique vibrations as simpatico and harmonious sound frequency, color frequency and movement frequency.

In this multidimensional journey, I experience feelings as in appreciation, forgiveness, humilty, compassion, valor and understanding as pulsating rhythms and upon asking I learn that they come from First Source.  This is arranged only through our expressed intention and choice.  First Source, God, Mother, Father Creator God, Higher Being offer a pure and brilliant energetic form that are directed towards us upon our choice.  Upon establishing an authentic intention our choice is melded by these frequencies into our heart energetics.  We shape the energy of our persona through heart traits and chacteristics which comes from First Source.

I have come to understand and experience myself as a fractual expression of First Source and as such this formful expression of divinity is characterised by identifying tones, colors and geometric patterns. I am reflected as such throughout the many dimensions of realty, and I AM recognized, and I AM known to be here on Tara Gaia.  Since my human form is in this 3rd Dimensional Enviornment, all First Source Energy becomes filtered by my Human Experience.   This is just how things are on 3rd dimensional environment.   I am able to remove some of the filters.  With my intention and my choice of thoughts I create a developmental evolution of change with intentional downloading.  When my experiental choices are in harmony with the energetic harmony of First Source a process of magnetisim is created.  The magnetism of my heart choices are simpathco with the characteristics and traits of the Divine Qualities of Divine Union.  I bring the Divine Energy to myself  by opening up the filters with setting up my magnetic choice and intention to the First Source qualities I seek.

I have come to know that any pure download of First Source Energy is extremely powerful and I in 3 D would not be able to tolerate the thrust of power.   Perhaps a pure download would be so powerful so as to create spontaneous combustion.  And, poof there I’d go, dissolved and gone.  My Soul Purpose is to remain in this 3rd Dimensional Environment.  So in order to remian in this 3rd Dimensional Environment I continue to live in my space suite along with filters, tainted as they are, they serve a purpose.  I’ve learned to circumvent some of the filters.  Remembering is a means to circumvent the filters. The filters have a great impact upon my ability to remember my Soul’s Purpose and Source from which I came. Other overwhelming filters to my remembering is the 3rd Dimensinal Theater.  The grand illusion which historically is set up as a distraction and our ‘buy in’  that there being only one reality.

It is with constant intention and living in the ” Eternal Now” which allows me to see beyond this 3 D experience.  Always with understanding and knowing who I am and the nature of the energy,  I have constant access.  My knowing and acknowledgement of First Source Energy, brings to my understanding that we are collaborators, co-creators with the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.  Even with my human 3 D filters, my conscious living is being aware of living and allowing the eternal flow and agreeing to be a functional conduit, a continual fountain of First Source Energy. All be it filtered, we humans are re-engineered so as to accommodate the amount of Christ Consciousness allowing our human forms to manifest a Light Body.  Light Body in harmony with the rising frequency vibration of Tara Gaia’s Energetics.  I have read that the US Military has technological capability to identify those of us who are holding the Cosmic Christ Light  and are seen as Light Beings on Tara Gaia.

Imagine, observing ourselves, as swirling colors, geometric forms, tones, hues, sounds and shadows in abstract form.  We are aware that in this 3 D environment our chakra centers emit various shapes, colors, and pulsating movement.  We can see ourselves on camera film and hear our tones from sound equipment as being harmonious and unique yet all in “at-one-ment with each other.  A question arises, about how to approach our interconnectedness with other humans or life forms beyond that which we are familiar in the 3 D environment: ie, telehone, e-mail, ‘snail mail’.

Physicists have reported that there are 11 Dimensions within their current scientific understanding of the multiverse. Science postulates an understanding of realty to include 11 Dimensions.  Thus, it is possible that our Essence, who we are has different aspects  as in froms, shapes, sizes, sounds, color in other dimensions of this understanding of realty.  I know that I have defined myself by the 3rd Dimensional environment much is the result of my shifting through the years of counseling and therapy. and education.  As an fraction of my Essence in this 3 Dimensional Theater, would I not be defined by the other dimensions.enviornmental characteristics?  Thus there is a repetition of a defining dimensional enviorment in each of the other dimensions, all of which specifiy my defining traits and characterists.  I Am recongnized and I Am Known in the Eternal Now and known throughout the multiverse’s reality.

So, me and my other selves are aspects or factual aspects in each of the 11 Dimensions.  And that, me and all my other selves dance around and are in alignment with the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.  Me and My Otherselves and or as in the Mayan tradition, ” I Am Another Yourself”.   Since I am a fractual aspect of Divinity and First Source, other Dimensions would have me be experienced as another myself.  Of cource this is beyond the genetic and physical makeup which comprise my human form. 

My Chakra Systems download Prana or Chi from First Source through rain, sun, air and earth.  This reservior reconfigures energy to accommodate substance for life on this planet.  Our body’s meridians transport the Prana ir Chi throughout our physical. emotinal, mental, and spiritual systems of intelligence.  My physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies transport through the meridian networks of my body and communicates with the Tara Gaia ‘s Meridians.  I am connected to others via the electromagnetics of Tara Gaia. 

All of us have the capacity to imagine, dream images and visioning through our remembering and knowing.  This practice brings my Multidimensional Being of understanding into existance and creates my reality of being.  This process involves establishing intention.  Choosing to anchor this Multidimensional Being in the 3 D environment.  Exercising my imageing by traveling to other dimensions.  In My quiet space of meditation, I seek from this multidimensional reservior of self- knowledge, answers to my respective questions of who I AM.   Perhaps I would no longer require information beyond myself, if I would choose to learn about my life in the Eternal Now.