Going It Alone, Is Accessing Our Mulitdimensional Self (es)

Jan 25, 2014 in Earth Changes

Dream involved me searching for mysteries and obscure things. I have no idea of what I was seeking. 

The events began with my being placed in a work setting. I was given a very little desk and straight back wooden chair as my work space. The room was cavernous and stark without accessories or complimentary working tools.  I told them that this won’t do and the desk  (3D informational sources) as way to small and none of this setting would work for me.  I said ” this is way to small, I’m bigger than this“. My work is beyond the scope of desk and office cube.

We have moved beyond the workplace classroom. We are better served by accessing Morphic Field or as some of us have learned being within the Void.  This is an electromagnetic informational field of vibration that reflects human consciousness

 The next episode provided a setting by a large body of water i. e. a bay or channel by one of the great lakes body of water with large hills n’ mountains in the backgroung. I took off walking and found myself taking a difficult climb through the rough terrain. I found myself, climbing the steep pyramid shaped wooden temple.  Seemingly clinging to the traditional and old methods of knowledge.  I could recognize that I was seeking something by looking into small doors and crevices.  This was exceedingly tiring. I became exhausted and weary but I continued to press onward. I learned that a large crowd of people were coming to this site. I previously climbed the right side of the ornate pyramid temple and then learned the crowd coming on the right side of the temple. I decided to climb the ornate pyramid temple on the left side, an unusual approach.  (Each human being has a right and left hemisphere in the brain, which we classify as male and female, the right being female, left being male.) Near the top of the ornate pyramid temple I found that my attention was to find a place to seek refuge  to be alone; not join them nor have them join me. I was to be alone. I located a ledge on which I cross the front of the temple’s exterior. I navigated the ledge by ‘hand over hand’ movement negotiating my climb with intermittent investigation into places of spaces where I could escape. Some could not accommodate my size and I had to move onward. Finally I found a space with a small door where I could squeeze through and found this to be nearly by the side of the temple where the crowd was approaching.  As I shut the door to my place of escape I  noticed small holes in the door through which I could look. Persons eye were transfixed on my eyes without them knowing that the were looking at me. Our multidimensional selves do peer at us and have you noticed in you meditation that faces with conversations do look upon us.

This a difficult and very weary journey being in silence and seeking to do it alone. Meditation through quantum breathing process allows for us to enter the Void  and accessing the morphic resonance.

Informational engery field of which we attract is created by our intention and attention. We do choose that which we become conscious and is manifested accordingly from our intention and free will.


Bashar Video: 2010 – 2012 Important Message

Jan 06, 2010 in Earth Changes, Multidimensional

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Cosmic Finger Print

May 13, 2009 in Multidimensional

I recently was introduced to a film “Transmuteo”.   This film can be ordered from Jean-Luc Bozzoli’s  website http://www.eyewithin.com/index.html.  It is a 30 minute animated film of visual graphics by a visionary artist, Jean-Luc.  He was so very kind to send a copy and requested my feedback.   Since the film is visual experience of multidimensional  being, I would like to share my feedback with the readers of this blog. 

“The bold graphics moving and swirling around was dizzying at first, and after a while I became used to the movement.  It was a bit disconcerting, because I was attempting to make sense of it.  Trying to watch it with my rational and logical mind.  Watching the film with my rational mind doesn’t work, and as you suggested in the beginning of the film script, to view it from our heart.

I think therein lies my conunfrum.  I can’t keep up with my own transmutation and transformation.  It is moving very fast even as I am placed within this body of mine.  I can’t make sense of it…..moving, changing, transforming, transmuting is a process of my heart.  I feel my changes, I know of my changes, and I experience my changes, but I can’t tell you about my changes.

They just exist!

As with your film, the enveloping, evolving and transmuting exists at a pace which is beyond this dimension.  3D has slowed our frequency vibration to a snails pace, which is probably why we created snails and turtles ( something slower than us).  Do you think?

So, presenting images of metamorphosing movements which are representing my process, challenges me to close my mind and open to my heart’s understanding and acceptance.

Your film allows me to reach for something beyond my grasp.  It provides me with an experience outside of the traditional platitudes.

These images, could be visuals of me and possibly be reflected in my resume.  I use resume, since in 3 D I transcribe my accoumplishments in chronological order.

As a multideimensional being I am without sequence.  I would like to have a cosmic finger print of mine, expressed as you have of yours.  Perhaps, our cosmic finger prints won’t be extraordinay.   Someday, soon, we will be able to frequently access them to show others about who we are.

Could it be that this film is your cosmic finger print? 

Well done!

Readers and Blogers check out Jean-Lus’s website and experience the trailer which has been provided.

My best

Themes of New Beginnings

Jan 30, 2008 in New Beginnings

For a very long time I have had similar themes in my night time dreams. Ideas and messages have been surfacing for my attention. I have learned that the messages for myself and direction is within myself. I only have to ask. One of my ways for self-learning is to ‘seek a knowing’ from my dreamtime. In preparation for night time dreams I establish an intention, in effect setting the stage for my dreamtime experience. Prior to falling asleep I voice or write an intention around the type of experience that would bring understanding about my ‘work’ or topic of which to seek information. Most usually my dream activities are set in metaphor. Upon awakening, I observe my feelings in the drama process, the drama setting of the dreamtime, actions taken by my character, persons in the dream, scenarios and the path or trek of my character.

During the past year, many of my inquires have had similar themes. It seems like dreamtime provided similar scenarios around the similar drama. I seemed to be moving. Looking for a place to live, sometimes with others and on an occasion I was moving alone. The country side was lush with green foliage, gentle sloping hills, with rivers, creeks and lakes abound. Roadways and paths surrounded the water. I was presented with an Idyllic Setting. There was a portrayal of nature at its fullest and most abundant. Repeatedly within this idyllic settings, I would arrive at a living quarters which was run down and dilapidated whether it was a cottage, house or apartment. There would be a porch or balcony overlooking a beautiful setting of forest and water. Most generally the interior and exterior were well worn, needing repair, cleaning, paint and attention. Windows and doorways were shuttered and covered in years of inattention.

Most generally the dwellings were dull in appearance and lacked light. I would remember my dreams depicting unkemptness in the surroundings. Upon entering the dwelling, I found its floors, walls and built-in accessories dark and dank. I reminded myself that the dreary and dark could be cleared and cleaned. I could work to bring it to a lighter effect. Sizing up the dwelling, all of my belongings would fit in to this space, seemingly my furniture would fit. I could make the space convenient for my use. In some of my dreams, I would experience reservations about my ability to carry out all of the clearing and cleansing to bring the dwelling into its original condition. On several occasions I was reminded that the restoration would happen all at once. That I would move into the dwelling and restore it to its former grandeur in this Idyllic Place.

In some of the dreamtime scenarios, the outside environment had large spacious mansions high on hill tops surrounding the dwelling that I was led to discover. The mansions seems to not fit into the scheme of things, they were large, ornate and expansive mansions. They seemed to be on an ethereal plane, shown in pink light, highlighted by a dusting of clouds in purple, violet and lavender.

It has come to be that I am restoring and remodeling something of an old worn structure.

It is Me!

The structure is my physical, mental and emotional being. In the last months of 2007, much has been written regarding the advent of New Beginnings in 2008. In the past year, my many dreamtime scenarios have pointed the direction of my work, to focus upon creating a New Life Style, a New Habitation, A New Framework Structure which is useable and accommodating to the incoming Energy and Light. For many years I have been working with clearing, cleansing of my physical, emotional and mental bodies so as they would be able to accommodate the Cosmic Christ Light which will be implementing the Great Shift.

It appears to be that this New Beginning is now.

My dream speak for the past year enlightened me to my task. My task is to walk from the old structures into the new bright restoration. The ethereal mansions are available to assist and help me. My observation of them as models, Models of Grandeur, models which hold the Cosmic Light with consistency and coherence. They are my support. Models of Being in the Light, resonate with me to become a blueprint of my restoration. I continue to seek the dreamtime scenarios and continue to learn from the revelation of the blueprint. This is my journey as a multidimensional being traveling through veils of frequencies.

Arriving at ‘knowing’ that something to be true and real for myself usually takes careful observation of what is going on around me. This process includes establishing intention and recognizing the coincidences and synchronicities. How do I explain or provide a detailed descriptive about ‘knowing’ ? Having the faculty to ‘just know’ the efficacy of something, opens doors for my curiosity. Exploring trails of ideas; embracing new concepts; wrapping myself in its behavior in order to experience the impact of causes effect; and establishing intention to receive verification from within myself. I have heard, we are in a time of great shifting of consciousness.

I have experienced the beginnings of the great shift in consciousness. There are no road maps or compasses to lead us on this journey but for ourselves. Since we are eternally connected with each other in the Quantum Multiverse of Life, we hold together a composition for all physical reality. Experiencing parallel universes I have access to the ‘neighboring’ life forms. I have learned there is one realty. I, within my self and within my silence, can learn to access parallel life streams. Through coherence and consistency, I am able to implement my role in creating the Idyllic Setting of Grandeur in co-creation with my other selves.

Affirmation for My Being

Dec 31, 2007 in Earth Changes

This affirmation I use in meditation and carry with me throughout my various tasks that come to my attention.

I offer this affirmation to you!

“As a Wise Instrument for the Divine, I set Myself Free of Soul’s Karma.”

 “I walk a Continuous Journey as a Mulitidimensional Human LifeStream Through Veils of Frequencies.”

“With Integrity, I stand in the Cosmic Christ Light In Alignment with Divine Will, I relate untettered to 3rd Dimensional Illusions.”

“I Know Whatever serves the Larger Vision, Also serves me.”

“I am relieved of commitments, relinquished of formality and removed from the proprieties of the 3rd Dimensional Theater.”

“I am dedicated to Holding Harmony of My Soul’s Frequency while listening for Inner Promptings of a Genuine Energetic Heart.”

“I Understand that All Things are Possible, and from that Knowledge Springs My Innate Magicianship.”

“In Humility, my Clear Presence Magnifies to include all Abilities that appear Magical to Limited Consciousness.”

 “I Am Complete.”

“I Create a Path toward a Divine Wholeness of Self.

“Teaching and Being a Living Love and Joy.”

“All Myselves Dance Around the Center of My Being, In Alignment with Cosmic Christ Consciousness.”

“I Stand in Unmarred Correspondance with the Original Condition of Christ Light, Flowing in Abundance.”

In All Ways I Am Abundant,

I Am Always Abundant,

I Am Abundant, Always

Process of Self Discovery

Nov 04, 2007 in Multidimensional

Meditation in my quiet space stimulates me to search for the substance of who I am.  I began with what I know.  All of which is from decades of learning and searching.  It has come to my attention to record and experience information regarding the subtle energy body system.  As in my chakra energy system whereby I use this avenue of understanding to create my chakra affirmation.  Spending considerable amount of my mediation within my chakra’s subtle bodies, I recognize that I can create a vision of understanding of my body’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual alignment with vision and movement.  We live in a sea of sound, vibration and images. All of which comprises movements which envelops, consumes and engages our bodies  to strive and thrist for health and wellbeing.Through our intention and choice, we create awareness to be in harmony and synchronization within ourselves, which allows opportunity to see beyond this dimension.

 Visioning movements of swirling geometric shapes, colors and sounds prompts me to see the possbilities.

Affirmations of our words rest upon a foundation of thought and generate feelings.  We can feel our experience in other dimensions. This becomes viseral and not cognitive. Our experience maybe understood as pulsating rhythms that blend in harmony, symbotic, systematical, interchangeable colors, sounds and shapes.  Various thoughts, feelings, physicial expressions create their unique vibrations as simpatico and harmonious sound frequency, color frequency and movement frequency.

In this multidimensional journey, I experience feelings as in appreciation, forgiveness, humilty, compassion, valor and understanding as pulsating rhythms and upon asking I learn that they come from First Source.  This is arranged only through our expressed intention and choice.  First Source, God, Mother, Father Creator God, Higher Being offer a pure and brilliant energetic form that are directed towards us upon our choice.  Upon establishing an authentic intention our choice is melded by these frequencies into our heart energetics.  We shape the energy of our persona through heart traits and chacteristics which comes from First Source.

I have come to understand and experience myself as a fractual expression of First Source and as such this formful expression of divinity is characterised by identifying tones, colors and geometric patterns. I am reflected as such throughout the many dimensions of realty, and I AM recognized, and I AM known to be here on Tara Gaia.  Since my human form is in this 3rd Dimensional Enviornment, all First Source Energy becomes filtered by my Human Experience.   This is just how things are on 3rd dimensional environment.   I am able to remove some of the filters.  With my intention and my choice of thoughts I create a developmental evolution of change with intentional downloading.  When my experiental choices are in harmony with the energetic harmony of First Source a process of magnetisim is created.  The magnetism of my heart choices are simpathco with the characteristics and traits of the Divine Qualities of Divine Union.  I bring the Divine Energy to myself  by opening up the filters with setting up my magnetic choice and intention to the First Source qualities I seek.

I have come to know that any pure download of First Source Energy is extremely powerful and I in 3 D would not be able to tolerate the thrust of power.   Perhaps a pure download would be so powerful so as to create spontaneous combustion.  And, poof there I’d go, dissolved and gone.  My Soul Purpose is to remain in this 3rd Dimensional Environment.  So in order to remian in this 3rd Dimensional Environment I continue to live in my space suite along with filters, tainted as they are, they serve a purpose.  I’ve learned to circumvent some of the filters.  Remembering is a means to circumvent the filters. The filters have a great impact upon my ability to remember my Soul’s Purpose and Source from which I came. Other overwhelming filters to my remembering is the 3rd Dimensinal Theater.  The grand illusion which historically is set up as a distraction and our ‘buy in’  that there being only one reality.

It is with constant intention and living in the ” Eternal Now” which allows me to see beyond this 3 D experience.  Always with understanding and knowing who I am and the nature of the energy,  I have constant access.  My knowing and acknowledgement of First Source Energy, brings to my understanding that we are collaborators, co-creators with the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.  Even with my human 3 D filters, my conscious living is being aware of living and allowing the eternal flow and agreeing to be a functional conduit, a continual fountain of First Source Energy. All be it filtered, we humans are re-engineered so as to accommodate the amount of Christ Consciousness allowing our human forms to manifest a Light Body.  Light Body in harmony with the rising frequency vibration of Tara Gaia’s Energetics.  I have read that the US Military has technological capability to identify those of us who are holding the Cosmic Christ Light  and are seen as Light Beings on Tara Gaia.

Imagine, observing ourselves, as swirling colors, geometric forms, tones, hues, sounds and shadows in abstract form.  We are aware that in this 3 D environment our chakra centers emit various shapes, colors, and pulsating movement.  We can see ourselves on camera film and hear our tones from sound equipment as being harmonious and unique yet all in “at-one-ment with each other.  A question arises, about how to approach our interconnectedness with other humans or life forms beyond that which we are familiar in the 3 D environment: ie, telehone, e-mail, ‘snail mail’.

Physicists have reported that there are 11 Dimensions within their current scientific understanding of the multiverse. Science postulates an understanding of realty to include 11 Dimensions.  Thus, it is possible that our Essence, who we are has different aspects  as in froms, shapes, sizes, sounds, color in other dimensions of this understanding of realty.  I know that I have defined myself by the 3rd Dimensional environment much is the result of my shifting through the years of counseling and therapy. and education.  As an fraction of my Essence in this 3 Dimensional Theater, would I not be defined by the other dimensions.enviornmental characteristics?  Thus there is a repetition of a defining dimensional enviorment in each of the other dimensions, all of which specifiy my defining traits and characterists.  I Am recongnized and I Am Known in the Eternal Now and known throughout the multiverse’s reality.

So, me and my other selves are aspects or factual aspects in each of the 11 Dimensions.  And that, me and all my other selves dance around and are in alignment with the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.  Me and My Otherselves and or as in the Mayan tradition, ” I Am Another Yourself”.   Since I am a fractual aspect of Divinity and First Source, other Dimensions would have me be experienced as another myself.  Of cource this is beyond the genetic and physical makeup which comprise my human form. 

My Chakra Systems download Prana or Chi from First Source through rain, sun, air and earth.  This reservior reconfigures energy to accommodate substance for life on this planet.  Our body’s meridians transport the Prana ir Chi throughout our physical. emotinal, mental, and spiritual systems of intelligence.  My physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies transport through the meridian networks of my body and communicates with the Tara Gaia ‘s Meridians.  I am connected to others via the electromagnetics of Tara Gaia. 

All of us have the capacity to imagine, dream images and visioning through our remembering and knowing.  This practice brings my Multidimensional Being of understanding into existance and creates my reality of being.  This process involves establishing intention.  Choosing to anchor this Multidimensional Being in the 3 D environment.  Exercising my imageing by traveling to other dimensions.  In My quiet space of meditation, I seek from this multidimensional reservior of self- knowledge, answers to my respective questions of who I AM.   Perhaps I would no longer require information beyond myself, if I would choose to learn about my life in the Eternal Now.

Hello world!

Oct 24, 2007 in Earth Changes

Welcome to the this page. I have set these writings up to reflect my experience as a Multidimensional Being.

Your feedback and comments are greating appreciated.